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Her soul

Every time she smiles her soul glows. Her soul is like a seed of light, every time she smiles her soul grows. Her beauty is one with the unknown. The universal beauty can be seen through the window that sees straight into her soul. Her Voice is the vibration of her soul. Every time she speaks she speaks from love, a deep rooted seed that has been planted in her soul. Her soul shines like the sun. The essence of her beauty is a reflection of her soul. She is not confused with who she is because she is one with her soul. The Goddess of her temple. You may see a clam but she sees a pearl. You may see a flower but she sees the beauty that is one with the universe. You may see lady but she sees the universal connection of her soul. Her soul is soft and gentle like the water. Her soul is like the Goddess of river that sits beneath the mountains, Her soul brings life to the dead. Her soul brings light that never ends. Her soul is who she is. The beauty of a woman is defined by the beauty of her soul. Her soul is beautiful, a divine perfection, an image of heaven.

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