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We are all connected

A simple smile goes a long way. A simple hello goes a long way. A simple gesture out of kindness goes a long way. When actions are made ego free, but out of compassion, and if words that were expressed out of love come from the heart, this world would be a much better place. If you want to see a change in the world, you must change yourself. Learn to smile at yourself, learn to welcome yourself, and to treat yourself with compassion and learn to love yourself. When you learn love within yourself you can then express it outwards to the world. Appreciate all beings as equal. Embrace the trees for their stability, and oxygen they produce. Embrace the birds for their sounds and amazingness to fly. Embrace the sky that is permanent with such vastness, beauty and calmness. Everyday becomes a beautiful day when you learn to embrace life at the root at its beauty. Everything is beautiful because beauty is pure and life is just that. Pure. Remind yourself in times of stress, when things are not going your way to breathe, count your breaths and cherish this moment you are in. The stress that you are in, will go away and you will realize that you created that stress. No one else but you. We manifest our thoughts.

Look at thoughts like a seed. When we plant the seed in our universal mind. The thoughts water the seed we planted. Eventually your thoughts will flower. Remind yourself that there is no need to worry or stress what happened yesterday, the day before, an hour ago, a minute ago or even a second ago. It already happened. Why stress, when you are blessed with the next breath for stress is only creates further suffering. The next day does not even exist all you have is today. So when you stress all you are doing is putting energy out there that will eventually come back to you.

We must Learn to be happy in the moment by accepting any feeling or emotions that we feel. Learn to say okay this is how it is, I accept this and It will pass. This moment is all you ever will have. Learn from the world. Learn from the sky, learn from the trees, learn from the animals, learn from the flowers those are the best teachers and leaders because those are the true essence of being. Once you learn those things you will realize that the material world is just an illusion that is controlled by the universal ego. Once you learn that happiness is all around you, and love is not only in you but all around you. You will learn that with the compassion in your soul you can bring peace just by your presence alone. Accept that love is real, accept that God is real. God is in us. We are divine. So when you smile at yourself you are producing positive energy, when you smile at a stranger they feel your energy and the both of you become one for that moment, you make that connection and you also realize that you are connected to not only the person you smiled at but also connected to everyone in this world.

Allow your love to spread, and allow yourself to receive love of all kinds. Accept yourself for who you are, and accept others for the way they are. Love everyone, love your emotions, good or bad, love them they are apart of you. Send love out into the world, not expecting to receive it but open to receive it. Love your enemies and the people who wrong you. Love them. When you learn to love at a deep level compassion will come from it and when there is compassion there is oneness and with oneness we realize that there are no differences within us and we are all divine and once we realize that peace on earth begins all because you went to the root of it. You found peace in nature and the natural beauty of life, which awakened you and enlightened you to discover the inner peace in self, you realize you are love, you are peace, and you became compassionate, which leads to mindfulness. What that does is kills the ego, once the ego is dead there is no hate, negativity, no violence no separation, control, manipulation, there is only humility. Humility is root of compassion, compassion the root of mindfulness, mindfulness the root of peace, peace the root of love. love is root of God.

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