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A Dream (Close your eyes and visulize)

Close your eyes and dream, let your subconscious take over, relax let your problems run right off your shoulders, the sky is the limit and we are all reaching closer, to a world so fast and full of exposure.

Keep dreaming cause when you wake up your world disappears, whether you’re living a fantasy or confronting your fears, seeing people who passed away, even very old peers. Our dream is like a journey that the subconscious steers. My words are like a Picasso painting so vividly clear.

I sleep to wake up , or I wake up 2 sleep, for every dream holds either a memory or lesson that i must keep, sometimes the same thing reappears and im confused what to think. Maybe its a blurry picture of the future that I can barely see.

So I grow like a root into a strong tree and branch off are my thoughts supported by leaves. I sway with the breeze, my mind waves like the sea, I shine like the sun and live in my own world in my own dream. Where I rule the world and yes I am King that will never be happy until I find my Queen, Or if She finds me. It’s like I’m climbing a mountain and reaching it’s peak, and when I sleep the unreal becomes a reality to me.

Fantasies are open, fears get exploited, lust is a treasure, when the mind doesn’t focus. My eyes shut to enter my own world and I cant control it. My subconscious roams on the Gettysburg battling opponents.

Besides night-watching the stars, sleep is our peace, its our safe haven from a bad day of stress as we escape to our dream. where life is what it seems and things go the exact way we think.