Gossip Folks

Writing about people who gossip is very contradictory of me to talk about the people who make a living talking about people. But someone has to do it. This society that we are in now, is built gossip. Look at our main and even local news stations news stations. CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Fox News, ESPN, etc. No longer Make news instead they are gossip. They spend more time talking about people, whether it is the president of the united states or an Athlete and their tweets than they do the action. It is the world we live in now. ESPN with their epic intro can get you hyped up for the highlights to start the show and open with Who tweeted what. It is like really? c’mon man I want to see some highlights. Or CNN can spend hours debating about the President and his lifestyle oppose to his speech. Really? We have to do better. That is the world we are in now. People are more concerned with other people oppose to themselves. Which is why we are in a much softer society now. Everyone gets offended because the gossip has reached a new high. It is now the trend to run and talk about someone. To be little them or even to get the edge on someone. It is almost as if society accepted gossiping a new form of news. But what ever happened to the truth. What ever happened to the source of a story. What ever happened to a validation. It has come to a point in our generation where the person who gossips a story is more believable than the actual source.
A gossiper’s job is to take your story, twist it and create extra juice out of it. That is how they get their attention.
For instance. If I told a co-worker, “I am moving to California” and that’s it, not knowing that person is a gossiper, they are going to go tell another co-worker, “oh Marcell is moving to California because can you believe he is going to quit with out notice and just leave us. Now the person the gossiper told buys in and says “no way” I can’t
believe it, we have to do something about it.”
A person who gossips likes to be in complete control. They have to be in the know, and they have to expose the know. If they can’t expose the know then they will make you apart of their know. If you know what I mean.
That is this trend of people are these days. The person that tells the story loses all validation and the person who gossiped it, not only gets the attention they were seeking but also is more believable and that to me is injustice.
Some people just need to stay in their own lane and mind their business. These news stations need to report news not lifestyles.

This society needs to stop feeding in to the other peoples lives and business and focus on their own.
My message to the gossip people is this. If it doesn’t affect you in any way. Stay out.
If it is not going to bring you joy, peace or happiness, stay out.
If you can’t talk nice about people and then don’t talk about them. It is not okay to talk about people, it is not okay to use other peoples words against them, and it is not okay to twist what people to say to make your story satisfactory to your own views and beliefs. It is not okay.

There is millions of examples because there are some many people that feel like they are important when really they are insecure deep within. Let get to the root of the problem. People who gossip are like bad weeds that sprout from the ground. Within them lingers, doubts and insecurities, they feel like the only way to associate purpose with who they are is to play a character and this character is invisible to their own insecurities which they cover up by going out of their way to humiliate other, spread rumors, talk down or bad about another and try their hardest to slow someone down, only because they themselves are stuck in their on cesspool of mediocre life.

These people are cancers to society, bad weeds to the universal flower. Their attempt to slow you down can only work if you feed into it. If you water the weed oppose to the plant itself. That is the problem most of the people feed in it and buy into such illusionary foolery that they will just take what the person who gossips says as the truth and dam the person who knows the truth into ground.

There is only one loser when it comes to people who spread rumors and that is the person who knows the truth. If it I not going to benefit you don’t say it. That is why our media is so bad, they don’t care about the news they care about who is tweeting and who is following them. Pay attention, at every news station major or local, pay attention to when their name shows up. Underneath their name is a little twitter handle. It is their way to keep them in your know. So they can tweet their “gossip” and you can follow, retweet, trend, and talk about for days, until the next thing happens.

If we turned off our TVs and cell phones and went outside life would be much better, if we closed our ears to the things that didn’t matter and focus on the things that do, there would be a greater sense of peace.

Basically what I am trying to say is watch out for the gossip folks. Those are the ones against you. The are the ones that are plotting and planning on says to slow you down. Focus on yourself and out wit them, kill them with kindness and even better, don’t give them any food for thought. Or they will EAT IT.