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The water, the stars, tranquility and peace

The water, the stars, the tranquility, the peace. Being alone, the humility, it is so relaxing. Finally Chill time for me.

As I sit back and contemplate, I unwind as thoughts fluctuate.

Why am I alone in this time of stress ? I’m alone because I can’t rely on anyone, not even friends.

So I stare at the stars and get away from the world. I shift my stare into the water as it peacefully sounds. Sitting on this swinging bench, I Think about the now. Life you fooled me, I just want to drown, but life you comfort me. How contradicting I sound ?

So As I sit swinging on this bench, once again I am staring at the stars, wanting to see one shoot so I can make a wish from a far. I am sad, I am lonely but that is not what matters, I have hit rock bottom and my dreams have shattered. With misery there’s company, I feel like a disaster. But when I look into the stars, that feeling disappears and becomes a memory after.

The night life I love it, it is so peaceful and quiet. It is memories like this I let it soak in and hold close to me because it is timeless. So as I sit alone, far away from home. No sound in my voice because I lost all my tone, staring at the stars, listening to the water, blissfully I let my facial expression show. And I wander if I am in love, then why am I alone ?

But no time to wonder, the mood is so peaceful, as I share it with the air, because the breeze makes it equal eliminating that once moment of despair.

If I had one wish it would be to float, and just roam through the night, as my soul controls where to go, with God as my guide, so with this picture I paint, I call it my starry night. Because the stars pack the sky, as I watch with clear sight. As the water screams jump in, I am thinking I might.

Or just sit on this bench as it sways, close my eyes and just dream. Let the tranquility hit me, as I realize that life is always what it seems……