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Understanding What Our Purpose In Life is

Understanding what your purpose is and understanding that your destiny unfolds as your fulfill each purpose will take you a long way in life. Your goals will manifest, your aspirations will be met. You will no longer fill incomplete because you will be complete and fulfilled. You will see life as it is. Through the clearest and most honest vision. You will be in complete guidance of your soul and you will be in touch with God every step and breath you take. You will feel serenity, you will feel peace and you will feel appreciated and will be understood by universe and all beings of the universe. You will be love. You will realize that you are a soul, you are love and you are the creator of your world. You are the God of your creation. Your life will start to work for you because you will no longer be resisting and you will have surrendered to what is and being in total happiness because of it. It only takes a little bit of awareness and understanding. It only takes one second to fulfill your true purpose. Purpose is being. Every breath, every step and everything you do in the present moment in full awareness is fulfilling your purpose. So be mindful when you breathe, be mindful when you speak, be mindful when you think, be mindful to the steps you take as you walk, be mindful with everything you do. Show compassion towards everything. Come from a place of love. A little act of kindness creates a whole world of grace. A little bit of sugar makes a sour taste, sweet. Understand that and you will see, feel and know that the universe has been on your side this whole time. It has just been waiting on you to realize that and be aware of it. When you realize that your appreciation will be unconditional towards life. You will value everything from the little blade of grass to the tallest tree. To the vastness of the ocean to the vastness of the sky. You will see a dark sky, and dark clouds is just as beautiful as see a clear sky with white clouds. There is no difference just oneness and understanding of that we are all, every single one of us and every single being in this world, all connected with the higher purpose of life. That is what happens you are aware and understanding of your purpose and aware and understanding that your destiny evolves from each fulfill of our purpose. Amazing huh ? That is enlightenment. All from a simple second of awareness and understanding.