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Where Did She Go?

Tis the season. Holiday spirit is a good spirit to have. I wish everyday people centered and lived their lives in holiday spirit each day. I feel like this joyous time of year needs to be everyday.
Today like everyday I was moved but moved in another way. By a woman. This lady is still on my mind.
I was wrapping up my blogging at Starbucks coffee shop. I decided to go next door to the plaza behind it to use the restroom at one of the stores, before I walk home. Crisp cold air hitting my face, it was a little chilly for Tampa, Florida weather. A young lady approached me, with a flower and a box, she said to me. “Excuse me, sir, my sister and I are collecting donations for my son, so he can have presents for Christmas.” I am going to be honest I don’t have much money, and I felt something within me wanting to help her. I told her. “I am sorry, I do not have cash, all I have is credit card.” She said I am not asking for money. I am just asking for a donation for my son, so he can have Christmas presents.” “I said if I go into deals I will get him something.” She saw me walking into the deals store, and my intention was to get the toy, I wanted to help her. Even though I didn’t know her story, I felt like maybe this will bring a bright spot to her day. I went in and came out 10 minutes later with a Toy for her son and she disappeared. I couldn’t find her anywhere. I walked around the Ross plaza probably 5 times, up and down rows of cars, I mean where could she have disappeared to that fast. So I went back into the store where I purchased the Toy and told the young lady, “can you please hold this toy, I looked all over for this lady who was carrying a rose, asking for donations.” Question, have you seen a lady asking for donations?” She “Aw that is so sweet you to do that, you are so nice, I have not seen a lady asking for donations, though. I am sorry.” I said “no that is okay, don’t be, maybe I am going crazy. If you see her can you give her the toy, if not you can give to a random child that would be happy with it or donate it to your choice charity please.” She asked for my name, I said ManifestingPeace, smiled and walked away.

As I continued walking to my destination, this lady has been on my mind, I was wondering why me, where did she go, and what was going on. I wondered if it was a test. I am a believer in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, maybe it was Jesus in the form of the lady, coming to me. Everything was on my mind. As I walked I was getting down on myself maybe I failed Jesus, I should have had that lady come in with me. I hope she is okay. I hope her son is okay. I wonder if she is going to make it home safe.
Either way I settled and prayed on the fact that there is a Toy going to a kid in need, who ever deserves it will receive it. I did my job in getting. I may have an empty bank account, but I have a rich heart.

If I see people in need, I will do what I can to fill that need. If I don’t have money, I will find a way. I feel like we need to not always have our guards up when people are seeking something from the street. We live in a world that is filled with skeptics, and people trying to get over on you. You don’t know what is pure and what is scam. However whether they are pure or scam is not the issue. It is a matter if your heart is pure or if your heart is scam. To turn someone away you are potentially turning yourself away. What if you are the one in need.

We have to empathize with people and understand the way the economy is and the way our generation is, there is more people living check to check each day just trying to get by. Maybe this lady was a single mom really wanted to make her son’s Christmas a special one the bet way she can. Maybe she was just trying to get money off people to feed her addiction that is not my business. I made the choice to look at it like she wanted to make Christmas special for her son. I am just disappointed I didn’t get see her to give her the toy. So now I am still left wondering where in the world did this lady go? …..