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Who am I ?


My life was polarizing at a time when there was no media.

There was just music,

No cures for illnesses just alcohol in which we abused it.

I escaped from the outside world and the keys were my cupid,

the music would take over me,

I felt my soul through my hand movements.

With the harmonious sounds so beautiful,

It was essence to remain tuned in.

I composed to a world, that misunderstood who I was,

with my hearing slowly deteriorating,

hearing only the annoyance of the constant ringing and buzz.

I was worried of becoming deaf,

because of how the people might judge

moving forward I accepted deaf as my illness,

as I continue to do what I love.

I gave you……

music to enjoy, I composed music that became historic,

Although I heard no sounds the feeling was just as important,

composing is what I lived for, the keys was my home,

the piano was my world, I was the king of my own thrown.

I had no time for relationships just music to compose.

Forever misunderstood, I preferred to be alone.

Forever dedicated to the music, and the symphonies I called my own.

My destiny was bound for greatness to be the best was my ultimate goal,

I forever wish to enchant you with the music that came from my soul.

Who am I ? I bet you would never know.