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I walk around head down, while the voices in my past play,
scenarios of my future in my head on replay,
shackled and chained like a modern day slave,
working to survive, working my way into my grave,
I’m too young to fall asleep and let my soul fade away,
I’m plagued by my fears and a household I truly hate,
broken, un-established with no hope to see better days,
so I wake up with the roosters and I run to escape,
quiet the mind,
camouflage the tears with sweat dripping down my face,
as cell passes away I resurrect Namaste, a fearless
go getter that embraces all the pain,
tunnel visions on my dreams,
through the sunshine and the rain,
I’ve been through heartbreak after heartbreak,
each let down feels the same,
Still my heart aches, from the heartbreak,
but dwelling doesn’t change,
forgiveness is in my heart, still in the past it all remains,
but it doesn’t take away the pain, it just strengthens me everyday,
awakens a different phase, a new blueprint to escape,
this troubled maze, I call my mind a dark cave,
with obstacles in my way I try to conquer that place,
before my bones become a fossil I must sell out for my dream,
give it my all to live a reality only closed eyes have seen,
and to over come each and every doubt the closed minded bring,
but I treat the hate like it is tumbleweed I let it roll by me,
just know the soul rainbows after your eyes weep,