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Becoming the best you, that you can be

Believe in yourself. You must believe in yourself. When I say believe in yourself. I mean be the very best you, you can be. Don’t be what you see on tv, or what you hear on the radio, or what you read in the papers be the best you. How do you think Will Smith become the icon he became ? He believed in himself, he was the best Will Smith he could be. Will Smith would rather die on the treadmill then give up. That is how determined he is to be the best him he can be. There is no stopping your inner will, once you believe. You have to not only want to be great but you have to know you already are great. The only way you can know that you are great is by being aware of the present moment and believing in your greatness. Truly believe it. Say it to yourself, write it on paper, scream it out lout. You are great. Be the best you, you can be. Don’t let anyone block your vision. It is your vision for a reason. Your vision will manifest if only you believe in yourself. You have to treat your vision with love and care. Like a mother treats a new born while pregnant. Treat your vision as if you are greatness pregnant with something far greater. You will give birth to an abundance of great things if you create your vision like it is number one. Be the best you, you can be. We all have visions in life, money just call it a vision and think nothing of it. But there are many who also those who treat their vision with the belief of larger than life greatness that will manifest. Showing patience and understanding towards your vision will only enhance the vision. People give up on their vision because the feel like something is impossible or too hard. What they don’t realize is that their vision is obscured by what others think, or the insecurity of the ego self. The lack what it truly means to believe in themselves and to be great. The Don’t think of themselves or their vision too highly. You must think Beyond the limits of the sky high. Think of yourself highly in the ultimate level not of course with the ego involved but more in a soul manner a high level spiritually. When you think of yourself in the highest level in a spiritual manner you have the inner most pure and greatest believe in yourself. When you have the inner most pure and greatest belief in yourself. It is not just a thought, it is a way of life. It is you being the best possible you, you can be. You have created that. You manifested it. You noticed it in the present moment deep in the world of the unmanifested you became aware of it in the second of your present moment and you manifested it. Great things only come from that. It creates a snowball effect of greatness. Greatness grows. You must first see greatness in yourself in order to see it outside yourself. Your life is greatness but only you can realize that. When you can realize that, you will see that the universe has been on yourside this whole time but it has just been waiting on you to come around notice it.