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My view on the Ego, Heaven and Hell

The only way this can change in the society we live in is by killing the cancer at the source. How do we do that ? We understand what the ego is. We must understand what the ego is and show compassion towards the ego. Instead of feeding into the ego or resisting the ego. We must sympathize with it. We must create a compassion towards it by showing it care. Show it love. You can do that by saying to yourself this is not me, I love you but you are not me, I love you but you have no control over me. I love who I truly am, I love God. The ego then has no choice but to fade because you are not feeding into it. You don’t end hate with more hate. The only way you can end hate is by showing love to hate. Hate is only a lack of love and understanding. Hate is only there where love or understanding is not present. When hate surfaces. Usually it’s on a level of inner self. If you hate someone. Chances are you hate yourself and you are looking for someone to put your hate on so you are not alone. That is the ego. When the ego is inside you it lives rent free. It edges God out and it brings the devil in. It is truly living in hell. People who think hell is a pit of fire. Hell is having the devil live rent free in your body, that burns more than fire. There is no such feeling worse then true emptiness. You want to find a way into heaven. Get rid of your ego. Become aware of your soul, get in touch with your soul. Realize you are a soul. In that awareness of realizing you are a soul you touch the divinity of God. you create space for love and for God. Once you create that space you are in heaven. People think that judgment is after they die. But in reality we are infinite spiritual beings, death is only on physical surface. You can live and be dead inside or you can live and have an abundance of love and compassion and understanding. Essence of that alone is being in heaven. That is how you kill ego at the source by being aware of who you truly are. Only takes a little bit of awareness to realize the truth to who you truly are and at that moment can you change yourself for the better and become the change you wish to see in the world.

So if that is what hell is to me. Then Heaven must mean the opposite. No Heaven has no opposite. It is beyond form. Heaven is the un manifested. Heaven brings light to darkness. It curse all. Heaven is in the space of God. Just like we create space for Love and for our soul to be in, like we create space for God to become in our awareness. Heaven is the space of God. That is why in religions that it is called the kingdom. Well if heaven is God’s kingdom, it is the space where the divinity of God is in the un manifested spiritual world. It is infinite. An abundance of awareness. We live in heaven when we are aware in the presence of God. Once you are aware of the presence of God you will live in heaven. But you must be in complete awareness. There will be no feelings of negativity only positive feelings and beyond the form of positive feelings which is energy. An abundance of positive energy will reside in you in a state of Heaven. When you are aware of the soul, everything in the un manifested that the soul knows is from heaven because the soul is the closest has a direct connection to heaven. Heaven is pure. So when you become aware of the un manifested, it manifests and you will live a life of heaven in the human experience. It is beyond anything imaginable. Heaven is real, you just have to tap into it and be aware of what is real and have true belief and faith into what is real