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Sleeping Beauty


It’s been too long without you here,
I reminisce when I was there,
not one second ever crosses my mind,
without you right by my side,
wishing you were here to see the things that I went through,
and learned in my life.
I wish that I would get to see you baby,
this distance is driving me crazy and it’s been so long ago.
But I’ll be there in no time in a flash quicker than the blink of an eye,
they don’t know what we’ve been through, that is why our love is blind.
I would see the good when you smiled, every moment was worth sharing time,
I’ll be your superman to save you from the kryptonite.
You looked so precious sleeping but you need to be in my arms,
kept warm and away from harm, you were once my lucky charm.
I cherished ever second with you, I wish we never split apart,
I may be gone, but you in my heart, although I’m away you’re still on my mind,
I think about you every day and night and
I pray to God that you are safe and fine.
Trust me I’ll be home to kiss you soon I know it’s tough but it takes some time.

In my eyes, the clock will never strike 12,
because I will be home to rescue you and save you from this life in hell,
I will be your hero watch us rise when all else starts to fail,
through the rain, snow, sleet
and hail through the toughest of trenches we will prevail.
Put your trust in me, I’ll never let you fall down,
I would bend my back to catch you,
and risk it all just to see you smile.
I miss you. I miss your touch, girl I just want to kiss you,
hold you tight and not let go,
and conquer these obstacles with you, and do the impossible with you.
See the sights you’ve never seen, go through it all,
recite your dreams now that you’re with me,
Call it destiny, our partnership is meant to be,
through good and bad, there we would be ,
when the smoke clears up we stay a team,
forever, take this poem, as my hearts letter,
forever, girl you and I belong together,
forever, and like I promised one day, I will be next to you,
but staring at the sun-flower in your eyes is such a better view.

When I kiss your lips the nightmares fade once awake,
For the first time in a long time, we will be in the same place,
all is good and it stays great, you’re superhero saved the day,
it’s been so long being face to face,
Without you I felt like I was missing my peace of mind,
many nights I watched the stars and wondered,
if you were staring at them, just gazing at the same time,
I think this time alone has made our love stronger,
days have been longer, but now speeding as the hours fly,
I was anticipating your loving touch,
when I stepped off that long flight,
to see your beautiful eyes, with stress rolling off our minds,
now we can cuddle all night long with you in my arms tonight,
and I will hold you tight, trust me I will not go,
because it’s been so long ago, since you and I had time alone,
but sleeping beauty why are your eyes still closed,
wake up to see your prince is home.

You can open up your eyes now it’s time to see me,
it’s been so long with out you next me, I’m tired of freezing,
it’s been so long with out your touch and that is what I’m needing,
with your eyes closed I wonder what it is, you were dreaming.
My sleeping beauty when I kiss your lips you will awake and
everything we’ve been without will finally come back in place.