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Welcome to the circus

Light check it’s my time to shine,
the whole world is watching, resurrect I come alive,
on display for millions of eyes,
to entertain those who buy,
the projection of my silhouette is of happiness in disguise,
as I swing and amaze, and I jump through fire such happiness lie,
but when the lights go dim and the fans go home
this clown breaks down and cries,
so alone in this world,
just an introvert man trying to find my way in this life,
as much as I hate it,
I live for the dome with the big bright circus sign,
when I step inside of that character all of my demons and pain subside,
and at that moment I matter, I finally bring meaning to someone’s life,
I give you my passion, I give you my all in the form of charades a poetic mime,
each rhyme a design to inspire your mind to awaken a soul confined,
each rhyme aligned with the grand design, my spiritual paradigm,
can be linked with the pyramids, I meditate fearing it,
but only God is my guide,
see the world with enlightened eyes and watch your perception become divine,
if you want magic come inside,
the circus is your world and the act is in your mind.