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Don’t miss the forest for the trees, or spend a day off online.

So it is a beautiful day outside. The Sun is out and the air is crisp. John has a day off. John says he is going to go outside and enjoy most of this beautiful day. But John starts his adventures he decides to log into Facebook. He figures to just see what is going on and will log off.
He logs on to 3 notifications and 1 message. 1 notification is a poke, and other 2 notifications are status likes.

As he scrolls down he see’s a break up status and thinks, wasn’t she just in love last week 1 day after she met her now ex.
Another person saying how they can’t stand fake people, another person says good morning, another person shouts a subliminal message to whom ever saying, its time for war, assuming it is someone wrapped up in drama. John continues to scroll, sees selfie pictures and boob shots of single and taken women, also see’s selfie pictures of a person flaunting their money saying it is time to get it. John has 900 friends so this could go on for days with what he see’s on his feed. Out of those 900 friends he talks to 5, others he has just to look and be nosey and vise versa.
John’s morning, turned into afternoon. The 5 quick minutes he was going to spend just to see what is going on rapidly turned into 5 hours, because while he was on facebook, he posted a status, and wanted to count likes, and he opened up youtube tab to listen to music.
Unaware that he cut his day off in half already being caught in the drama of facebook and what is going on in other peoples lives. The clouds start to occupy the clear sky. As time continues on, those white clouds become dark clouds. Afternoon becomes 3.
He is now caught in a status debate, because he made another post which was about God and religion. He miss spelled something in the post so a grammar Nazi corrected him and decided to put their input in the matter and caused a debate. A game notification comes in and thinks he wishes they would just go away. 5 minutes later, he see’s the a girl he has this biggest crush on. But he never says a word to her, only likes her pictures, and comments from time to time in hopes of her sending him a message. Like I said 900 friends so this could go on for hours. John decides he is done with the computer and is going to go outside but only to find out it is raining. Where did the day go John says and starts to complain that it is never a beautiful day when I am off.

John represents at least 90% of Americans so wrapped up in the drama that is facebook and they forget about their actual day. This society has been a nosey based society where time is spend wondering what so and so is doing on facebook. A whole day can be wasted because they are online on facebook and it is become sad. It all starts with let me check and see what is going on and then wrapped up unknowingly. Time flies when the mind is distracted. Especially when you are on social media sites, which contributes to the softness of our society. People have become so attached and sensitive to what they see and say, because that is what their time is spent doing, see what others post and saying what is on their mind at that time. It is a need for attention. But you miss out on the beauty that is the world. So many people are unaware of the real damage they do to themselves because they are caught up in a facebook world. A news based world. Too many kids taking selfies instead of learning. What I am trying to say is don’t be like John. Turn off the computer, go outside and enjoy the beauty that life has to offer. We only live once and each day we get closer to that final date, live up each day. We need less people on facebook and on their phones and more people outside being active.