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Hey insecure girl


Hey Insecure girl Why do you always go for the douche bags? Does getting let down excite you? What attracts you to losers? Do you not value yourself at all? Help me understand insecure girl. I know you are beautiful on the outside but do you feel beautiful on the inside? I notice you go to clubs a lot, and when you go, you dress less. Is it to impress? You like being the center of attention, I see. Are you dancing all your problems away? What’s up with the pictures that you take to show to strangers and friends on world wide web? Bathroom body shots, Cleavage shots, counter top thigh and booty shots, showing your figure as if its a hour glass, displaying to the world how beautiful you are on the outside. You like being the center of attention I see. Fishing for comments? Showing everyone what you got. Hiding what you lack. You like being called sexy huh? You like being wanted, to be desired by men? You wear your beauty on your book cover but you leave the book empty it seems like. Why is that Insecure girl? Hey insecure girl, Why do you like being the center of attention? I notice that you change your relationship label a lot. In facebook terms you go from single to taken only to change it that day from taken to it is complicated. Then you go from its complicated in the morning to married in the evening. At night you go from married back to it’s complicated. And in the next day you go from its complicated to single. Is your life that exciting insecure girl? It’s almost like you change your labels for show, to get a reaction. Why is that? I would love to know how you fall in love so fast insecure girl. One date with a guy that makes you smile. Two dates maybe three talking about how happy you are then quickly saying you love them. Are you really in Love? or do you love the idea of the person? However when they don’t return your call or text or let you down you become bitter. Why do you get your hopes up insecure girl? You always talk about how you want a nice great guy, someone who listens and respects and values you as a woman. But you are so quick to ignore that and go for the wrong guy. Why? do you like getting hurt? Do you fear finding the right person because then you lose that center of attention label? Why do you take so many pictures but you don’t feel beautiful? What is it about you that is ugly insecure girl? I see men love your body, but you still feel you are fat. I notice you got pictures of your boobs all over the place, I also see your booty on counter tops, your tongue sticking out with you cute looking tongue ring. But Men are pigs you say? If men are Pigs then you must be mud. Because Mud attracts Pigs. You can’t expect to showcase a buffet but get mad when people eat it.

Why do you lack self respect? Why do you lack love? What is it that you are really after insecure girl? I notice you like men with big muscles, and lots of money. I notice you are very judgmental insecure girl. You have such high standards on the outside but your standards are low on the inside. You would rather be hurt than treated good, that makes no sense. You like being the trophy huh? But you also like to complain how bad you have it and how you get treated like shit. But why can’t the nice guy have a chance with you. I also notice that when you do get the nice guy you cheat on him. Why is that? Why do you like sleeping around so much? Do you just like sex a lot or do you like the idea of being wanted? Sex must be your escape because I can tell you lack self respect. It’s sad though because I know there is someone that sees more for you. That will want you more than sex. Is it because it’s what the guys want, is that why its so easy.

Hey insecure girl, I always wanted a beautiful girl like you. I always wanted to be the difference maker in your life. When I look at you I see something you don’t see or feel. I see a beautiful woman. I see a woman that once confidence is found, will have many strengths. I see a woman that deserves to have someone great by her side. I see a smile that deserves be appreciated. But I also see right through you. I see right pass the beautiful girl taking pictures of her hair color and styles, right pass the dance your problems away club going girl, I see right pass the boobs all over the place, the bathroom selfies, the body pictures, the high expectations, I see right through you. I see your pain, I see your hurt, I notice your neglect, I notice your lack of self respect and love. I notice a lost soul. I notice a lonely woman struggling to find acceptance. Insecure girl.

If you slowly weed the negative out of your life and focus on the positives and focus on your strengths instead of dwelling on your weaknesses I promise the struggle you have with yourself will come to an abrupt end. I promise if you open your eyes and mind you will find True love, the best love their is and the best relationship possible and that is with yourself. Learn from your mistakes and accept that you have flaws, embrace your heart and embrace your name. Learn to respect yourself and respect who you will become by accepting what you were and moving on from where you are at. Find yourself and great things will find you. Insecure girl, believe in yourself. Believe in your value. Insecure girl you are special and beautiful. Once you find yourself and learn to love and respect who you are, you will no longer hide and run away from everything. It takes time but patience is a virtue. Give yourself time and be open to how time can change you for the better, embrace change and accept moving forward, And time will be great to you. If they can’t accept and appreciate you at your worst and lowest times, they don’t deserve you at your best and highest times. Misery loves company but Beauty loves respect.

Eliminate the self doubt insecure girl. Believe in yourself 100%, Trust in your ability and have confidence in your inner Beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who you are is what you make yourself out to be, You can only run so far before you have to come to a stop and realize where you are at. How about realizing where your heading before you forget where you are at. Insecure girl I have all the faith in the world in you. But all the faith I have in you means nothing if you don’t have faith in yourself