The Now

Focus on the now because right now is all we have.

Manifesting Peace

The now is all we got. The now is all there is.

Lets keep our focus and awareness on the present moment,

because the future does not exist.

Let go of your past because the past came, and went.

Release your thoughts of the next moment, because

with the future, we can’t predict.

There is no need to stress, of what happened or what will,

because focusing on negative energy,

is like a cancer that slowly builds.

As I meditate I let those thoughts pass,

as my mind becomes clear and still.

Understanding they are just thoughts,

and not my illusion that I see as real.

When I am connected with myself, I’m in the present moment.

The now. I only can control whats here,

I have no control of what came and went,

no control of the next minute because the future does not exist.

The future is only…

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