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Manifesting Peace in Originality


Seeing people who are original is so refreshing to me. To see people not act but live in and outside of their body its beautiful because you see that they truly love being who they are. They are happy waking up to live in the present moment. Not worried about tomorrow and putting yesterday behind them to live in the moment. To respect the unknown and live in the unknown. I have so much admiration for people who do random acts out of their own originality living the way life should be , happy with no care who is watching. When I see people like that I see that they are at peace with themselves. They are at peace with their originality. That is the way it should be. Life is so simple and people choose to make it difficult. They fear the future so they try to predict it and they live in the past and they forget about the moment that is in front of them. Everyone is a divine original fashioned by God to be radiantly beautiful. Everyone is original and unique in their own way. But not everyone is aware of their thoughts and aware of their originality. Not everyone is aware of their beauty inside and out. If people pick up on it and start looking deep in the depths of their mind and seek answers for love and peace they will find the answer to every question of doubt they ever needed. To find peace with yourself is the key to finding love for yourself, and once you find love for yourself you will then find yourself and love toward others. Which then , will make your actions of every day life original. Because you will no longer worry or have doubts about what people think of you and you will be free. You will have no limitations because you will realize the mind has no limitations. You will see things you normally see as negative as a positive. Like loneliness people see it as such a bad thing but loneliness should be appreciated because you then have time to focus on yourself. If you ask anyone who lives on originality and randomness if they are happy with who they are. They will answer that they are , they will say they believe in who they are and they are at peace with who they are. Most importantly they stay true to who they are. When I see that I have so much respect for it because they get it in a world full of people who don’t. They understand that there is only one life to live and to cherish every moment of it. You are your biggest critic but instead of being your biggest critic try being your biggest admirer. Try being you with a positive attitude and see how far you get. I promise you will go far. Train your thoughts to say I can , I will , it can , It will , I believe , motivate yourself with positive thoughts and you will see the biggest change. Originality is more than a choice it is a way of life. You must believe in yourself and your value to experience the greatest happiness. To be one with yourself, and one with the world is the greatest gift. We wake up everyday blessed with the opportunity of life and blessed to see what is next and blessed to conquer the unknown happenings of the next minute. We wake up being that divine original fashioned by God. You are original you just got to believe in who you are.