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Yesterday is NOT Today


Just because you have made mistakes in your past, doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Doesn’t mean you will repeat it. It just happened. Stop attaching meanings to your past. With the same energy you use to attach meaning in your past, you could use it for your present. So many of us walk around with no meaning or convictions in our words and our actions, we walk around with no meaning or purpose because our meaning is in what happened yesterday and our purpose is let go for tomorrow. How ever we forget that right now we have a life we have to go out and live, WHEN GOD SAYS WAKE UP IT’S TIME TO RISE AND IT’S TIME TO SHINE. BUT how can you shine when there is no meaning and purpose in your life. How can you radiate your beauty If your values are more about Yesterday. Put meaning in your day right now by confessing you are not perfect and yesterday hurts but it will not define right now. I’m not perfect but I will be better today than yesterday. Tell yourself that you will live with more love, more meaning, value, more purpose today. When. midnight came yesterday went away and new day began. We all make mistakes. Don’t condemn yourself any more, accept it and move on. Love is everlasting within you and when you recognize that, you unconditionally forgive yourself for your wrongs and you move on because you know everything will be okay.