The God in you and the God that is in me.

I hope you enjoy this poem 🙂

Manifesting Peace

To me God is the universal and spiritual connection of positive energy. We are one with the earth, the wind and the trees,

Energy flows like a birth of positive breeze, There is a beautiful connection between the sky and the sea,

The reflections of blue sparks creative energy.

As I wake with a smile, with brilliance and peace, Millions of cells flowing with positive energy.

That is the work of God, A mysterious entity, Filled with love, compassion and positivity.

We are all connected never separate through our minds, which is an unlimited process that is spiritually divine.

Love yourself and you will find, that peace is inside, connected as a root where the heart firmly resides.

Walk into the unknown, embrace the sight from your eyes, and let go of your fears of being scared to die, because forever is your soul filled with energy and light. God…

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