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The Love connection


Love is what we all seek, believing it is our purpose in this life. Forgetting that we have it in us, it is born with in us. We are going to experience heartbreak, we are going to experience loneliness, we are going to experience the pain of not having what makes comfortable, but to every yin there is a yang. We will experience joyous and jubilant love, we will connect with our soul mate, experience a bond and a connection that surpasses any kind you ever had. It will happen. As long as you are alive you will experience the ups and downs in life. Love is beyond flesh, it is connected internally, within all of our souls. No connection is straight line, there is twist, turns, curves, entanglement, there is the up and downs, imbalance and balance.
We are forever love and connected in a way that is forever. We are all soul mates whether it is in a relationship with our partner or even our best friends, or even the quick 60 second lock eyes and exchange pleasantries as you and a stranger are walking by. What we experience is the connection of love.

What I am trying to say is heartbreak can always be restored as long as the real heart within us pumps continuously. Broken friendships can always be restored, and the people we have in the flesh will always be with us internally because we are all connected by the strongest string that endures hurdles, pains, obstacles of all types and that string is love. Understand it. Know it. Believe it. Our life on this earth is not promised but that love within us, that knowing there is something more but you can’t explain it, but there is just that something about that person, that is real, that is the connection of the soul, and it lives forever.