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Making the Darkness Bright

If you know me, my heart is so big it can’t be described,
My love is so real and it cannot be defined,
I hoover over lives, like clouds in the sky,
and I shower rain drops of wisdom inside your minds,
we must follow God’s plan, it cannot be revised,
show character speak the truth and never tell a lie,
if you want to see a real man observe him when he cries,
true men show emotion feel the vibe,
you could cut the tension with a knife,
and you can see the spirit work a disguise,
making darkness turn bright,
in the darkest of the night,
allow my star to be the guide,
God’s typist, my soul is the projection for your sight,
the illusion of your life, is the circus of your mind,
love is only real when you worship the divine,
whether a plus or a minus we all equal one life,
we live, we die and in between is the priority to survive,
with compassion we ignite, the flame of love and light,
universal soul connecting you and I.

Beautiful angel lost in the world of sin,
searching for forgiveness in this twisted world we’re in,
we all struggle to get rich,
while forgetting happiness,
we are on a path of destruction surrounded by activist,
A peaceful world could you imagine it?
can good attitudes only to be hidden in cabinets,
because we are so worried about our image and fashion trend,
net worth over self worth and the fall begins,
controlled by our doubts,
can’t see through the fog, can’t speak through the wind,
forgetting what life is about,
how can we get in tune with our roots if we can’t see past the ground,
it is time to look at ourselves to be free we must sprout,
and lay the whole foundation down,
for change to go viral spreading love all around,
I am just a man with a thought and a dream and a flame torch to
light up my dark reality,
open up your eyes to a life filled with peace,
universal soul bringing awareness to our blind humanity.

I am lost, lonely, hopeless and cold,
misunderstood by those who don’t care to know,
people play sickness congesting my flow,
repressing my emotions, I never let it show,
and I escape into a world that lets me roam,
poetic thoughts make me feel well at home,
a wireless soul in a hotspot of my own,
I black out and see the depths of the unknown,
it is through the hardest concrete with faith,
a rose will always grow,
the attachment of pain is self imposed, we blame it on our foes,
creating new excuses for our woes,
unaware of the meaning that we give it, is the reason that we live in,
all this restraint and submission, boundaries and limits,
the illusion of our pain is non existent,
we are just a burden of conditions,
open up your eyes and enlighten your mind to forgiveness,
and watch love rise like the sun and shine on your repentance.