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A thin line of Grey with thousands of shades of black and white.

The greatest form of retaliation is love. Hate vs more hate, only adds fuel to the fire of love. Love is the balance that puts out the fire.

I understand that this has been a very troubling time these past couple of years. With humans lives been taking away at a high alarming rate.
With Police killing black lives, innocent or not. With them beating humans all races involved and vise versa with people killing police in retaliation.
With the violence and protest, with the corruption and the greed. The people getting away with murder, with innocent people getting put to death. Prison system is over populated. Athletes are now put in the spot light with their behavior, whether it is beating their spouse’s or sexually assaulting someone they met at a club, to doing drugs, and using performing enhancers to gain competitive edge.
We have a social media that has made our society a sensitive place where you can and will be condemned for the things you say. We are in a world where North Korea is threating nuclear attacks if we release a movie. We show our weakness by giving them to power to get their way. Our troops are over seas fighting and putting their lives on the line, instead of being home with their families, loving and growing together.

The pain must end.

So many people are waiting for God, and their messiah to resurrect and save the word. We have to save ourselves first. We have to prove we are capable of fixing this mess. We are capable of loving each other.
Lives shouldn’t have to end, from the hand of another human. People shouldn’t be trapped inside of a social media world being subject to controlled manipulation. Teachers must teach the word, and spread knowledge not spread their legs. We should never have to read about our teachers who are suppose to teach and guide the youth, sleeping with our youth. That is regression. Messiah will come back and tell us we need to fix ourselves. We need to align our priorities, our thoughts, our goals, our visions, our mission, we need to align our love in the right place before he can assign us with the correct saving.

The grey lining is, we are not different you and I. Underneath the color, and the flesh, is the same color blood that pumps within us, the same form of brain, heart that pumps and skeleton structure. We are all the same. The very things that we can’t control however separate us, is the same thing that must bring us together.

The grey lining is stop the violence, because retaliation only adds fuel to the fire, it doesn’t put it out.
The who my beliefs are right, your beliefs are wrong that has to end. Instead of deciding what is right or wrong, how about accepting, appreciating and respecting each other’s beliefs and admiring their opinion as an individual. Killing each other benefits no one and creates a void in their loved ones life, until it is their time. We must be stronger than our ego’s and need for validation. We must stop trying to fight for what is right, and instead loving for what is right, and love with understanding for what is wrong.
Balance is everything and love is the balance that puts out the fire of violence. Black, white, yellow, brown, peach, tan, cop or no cop, understood or misunderstood we have to stop killing each other, it does not justice! HUMAN LIVES MATTER!

The grey lining is our prison systems are packed. Parents need to not neglect their children, instead of going to the club spend time with your kids. YOU MADE THEM, SO RAISE THEM. Teach them math, science, language arts, the value of love, the meaning of happiness, the word of God, the thought of kindness, appreciation, gratitude and the value of family so. Because with out the children will feel neglected, they will feel lost, hopeless and without purpose. Lack of proper knowledge, creates a void of purpose. The kids that are void of purpose go out and commit crimes and kill people, do drugs, sell drugs, to command attention, and they get locked up. The justice system is made for the failure minded, the ones who lack purpose because they were never given a chance to learn. Prison is time out for the adult. I am a firm believer it all starts with the way a person is raised.

The grey lining, is the Athletes, actors, those in the spot light of today, they are going from becoming role models and turning into don’t models. They are abusing drugs, creating drama, beating their spouses and becoming selfishly greedy. They are so full of themselves, unaware that there is a new spotlight being cast upon them and that is Social media.

The grey lining is that social media is a monster. Oh it is different kind of monster. It is a nosey, vindictive and informative in a way that can cause rift, chaos and drama, in the blink of a tweet.
Those athletes and actors, and people of today are a slip up away, (tweet away) from their character being destroyed, to being humiliated and causing quite a stir. Social media is also created such a sensitive environment and exposes our weakness that as a collective whole our thoughts are very sensitive and can easily be offended. Everyone has 2 cents and no one wants to give the 2 cents and let it go, they want to speak their 2 cents and get top value for it. Social media has stripped us of our privacy, and broken homes, it has separated us from the beauty of God. People are more worried about who is online, what someone said, what got reposted, liked or what is trending oppose to how beautiful the sunsets, or how amazing the moon and stars are, to the universal love of nature.

Get outside. Take a deep breath. Enjoy this one life you get as who you are. Appreciate it, understand it, and respect the process. love yourself and you will be loved. Stop fighting and going to war, and start loving and going together in unison toward the sacred path of universal connection. Stop resisting each other and start accepting each other. Hug your neighbor, love your neighbor, because your neighbor is you.