A thin line of Grey with thousands of shades of black and white.

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Manifesting Peace

The greatest form of retaliation is love. Hate vs more hate, only adds fuel to the fire of love. Love is the balance that puts out the fire.

I understand that this has been a very troubling time these past couple of years. With humans lives been taking away at a high alarming rate.
With Police killing black lives, innocent or not. With them beating humans all races involved and vise versa with people killing police in retaliation.
With the violence and protest, with the corruption and the greed. The people getting away with murder, with innocent people getting put to death. Prison system is over populated. Athletes are now put in the spot light with their behavior, whether it is beating their spouse’s or sexually assaulting someone they met at a club, to doing drugs, and using performing enhancers to gain competitive edge.
We have a social media that…

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