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What being a Hip Hop Artist means to me.


To be a hip hop artist speaking from me personally, it is more than just an image. More than just rhyming words and more than just flowing to a beat. The bloodline of hip hop artist to me runs deep. It about the speech, to lecture and teach. To use the knowledge we know as food for the future we feed.

To be that reach when someone out there is feeling beneath their worth. To touch, inspire, and uplift the earth. Its a modern day voice for the kids that want to grow up and idolize their favorite rapper. If the hip hop community had a church then I would like to be its pastor.
I would preach the word of motivation, depict the image that’s changed it, and become the symbol of determination. I am just like you, I just love making songs, I love learning from my mistakes by reflecting on my wrongs. I am a Hip Hop Artist, I am a free spirit and I am Me, In my own Image, no gimmick just truth. I say what’s on my mind, how I feel, and what I see through my eyes. To be a hip hop artist is to be in touch with you’re self, you’re soul, you’re surroundings, the culture and understanding the boundaries, that fine line between gift and curse.
A gift to teach the world positive feeling and curse to use that gift as an ultimate worse. I do this for me, but to show people my positive energy so they can feed off how I feel. So when they hear my music , those emotions become real. Its like I know you huh? each rhyme becomes something that you can
relate to. Maybe if I can change myself you can change you. But only for the better.

To be a hip hop artist is to dream of the unknown and live the reality of the unknown that you dream of. Why talk about guns? when I can talk of the danger of what guns do. Why discuss Hate? If I can talk about love. I don’t want all the money I want to spread the wealth. No point to talk about cars I never had a car in my life. I walk to where I need to be. So as a hip hop artist I talk about my surroundings. I don’t write rhymes I paint pictures. I turn blanks into Murals, I draw white clouds to go with the blue sky. I am a hip hop artist and artist that is one of a kind. Unique in ways not thought by the mind. I want to change the world. The way we think, act, and treat each other. I want to teach the youth that there is a better way to live, act and think.

The hip hop music now days influences people so I want to be a positive influence. I am a hip hop artist and I make things happen on a daily basis by writing songs. I turn my wrongs into the right lesson to work upon. To be a hip hop artist is to be free, the power of speech and to symbolize yourself as a person that goes beyond your limits to express you’re true thoughts. I will be an Icon one day and it starts with believing. To be a hip hop artist is what I am, no thug, no gangster, no criminal, no hard life, nothing negative. Just a poet with rhythm, dreams and thoughts just like you. With hope that the message I have to express, can reach you.

It is not about black or white. Or who stole who’s style. It is beyond that. It is the grey area, the blend of individuals with a word, with an expression, with a talent, with a message for the people. As contributors to the community, I will not say culture because the culture has lost it’s way, we must not pick each other apart. We must love one another, and come together to make amazing art.
The culture has lost it’s way, black or white, the pioneers of the industry would be so disappointed in hearing the music of today. There is no room for segregation in a community in need of connection.
Who care’s who started it, just keep it going. Keep rhyming, keep the art alive.
You don’t see country, jazz, r&b, bluegrass, pop, rock and roll, mixed up in the drama and individual stereotypes. They just express them selves and appreciate each other’s art. That is what hip hop must be.
Stop the breaking each other down, and tearing each other apart, instead appreciate each other for the fact that you are on the same path just a soul with a message.