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A Dog’s love vs A Humans Love


Dog love – “You didn’t get me anything, but I still love you because your presence is more than enough for me.”

Human love – “You didn’t get me anything, Why didn’t you get me anything? but I thought you loved me?”

Dog love – “been waiting in a kennel or in a room all day for you, wondering when you were going to come home, but none of that matters now that you are home, give me some loving, because I still love you!”

Human Love – “I have been waiting for you all day, you haven’t called, or anything. Do you love me? Is there someone else involved? You could have at least called, I thought you loved me?”

Dog love – “Even though you are screaming at me, I know I may have done something wrong. But I still love you.”

Human love – “With all your screaming as if I did something wrong, I am starting to think I don’t love you any more. With all due respect don’t you love me.”

Dog love – “I saw you petting another dog, but I know you love me the most, I still love you. ”

Human love – I saw you touching another person, What is going on? Do you love me, you know what go be with them.

Dog love – “No matter what, I enjoy the time we spend. I like it when you show attention but even when you are not around, your love is all I think about. I still love you.”

Human love – “I enjoy our time, but if I am not easily entertained, I must find that fulfillment.” I wish we could go do something, I know you don’t have money but I want to out, I wish we had better circumstances to love each other better!”

Where I am trying to get with this is, with love we seem to search and try so hard to find and attain it. How ever when we get it, we as humans seem to take it for granted, we want more, and we are never satisfied. We overthink, oppose to just love. We are continuous doubting love oppose to sharing love.
How ever a Dog, the most common domesticated animal, loves us for us. You ever noticed When you get home and the dog is so happy to see you, he is shaking his tail after being in a kennel all day!
Most humans are away from their partner for that long and they question their whereabouts and start doubting the love.
Or when you punish a dog and dog may be sad for a minute but instantly is forgiving to receive more love.
A dog loves because as an animal it is in instinct to appreciate what raises it and takes care of it.
The problem that separates our love from a dog love is, a Dog or any animal unconsciously loves, we as humans consciously love.
A true love has overthinking, because your love is similar. You are so happy to see that partner, you have no doubts, there is no insecurities, there is just love and you want more of it and you give more of it naturally. While we search for happiness, and love, A dog is naturally happy and lives with love.