A Dog’s love vs A Humans Love

Gratitude is the rawest expression of love.

Manifesting Peace


Dog love – “You didn’t get me anything, but I still love you because your presence is more than enough for me.”

Human love – “You didn’t get me anything, Why didn’t you get me anything? but I thought you loved me?”

Dog love – “been waiting in a kennel or in a room all day for you, wondering when you were going to come home, but none of that matters now that you are home, give me some loving, because I still love you!”

Human Love – “I have been waiting for you all day, you haven’t called, or anything. Do you love me? Is there someone else involved? You could have at least called, I thought you loved me?”

Dog love – “Even though you are screaming at me, I know I may have done something wrong. But I still love you.”

Human love – “With all your…

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