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It is all within

Maybe I am crazy to say this, but I think as much as you believe in God, you should believe in yourself. Whatever the high being is you put all your faith in, have that same faith within yourself. Who ever you pray for change to, pray that change within yourself. Who ever you look for love, look for that love within you. I can’t stress it enough but I truly believe in my heart that secret is hidden within us. That secret of happiness, love, peace, harmony, compassion, and even prosperity starts within. The illusion is what we see from a projection of who we are. It all starts with in.

You can look all over the world to find it, you can go on back packing journey’s that take you all over Europe and you see beautiful places and experience amazing things but if you don’t love yourself you will still be searching. The search for love is the search for your soul purpose. Your soul purpose in life is to understand the laws of yourself.

You are your greatest opportunity. The blueprint to be a healthy, wealthy, loving, caring, and peaceful individual is within you. Be the God you search for. Quiet your mind, and be the Soul you are praying to.
Love is the synchronicity of the soul, the mind, and the body, all in tune within one another. Love is so much in sync with my mind, body and soul it is like an instrument that are made up of 3 chords but when together make an amazing harmonic one sound. It is within you. In this life is an illusion. We are getting exactly what we believe we want.

That illusive secret we all yearn for is hidden within us. Our society however has evolved at a pace where we don’t put in the time to look inside. We don’t put much effort truly on ourselves. We are enamored by social media. Constantly looking at our phones, and checking emails and checking facebook and spending time analyzing who liked what and why so and so commented, and who won the big game or who scored the most points or who is dating so and so and what is going on in the world. It is an information frenzy area and we are all addicted to it.

The quickest way to discover the secret is to kick the addiction. Instead of checking facebook, check your insides and see what is going on with your body, check your heart rate, look within in. Pray. Meditate. Let go of the pressures of trying to meet a deadline. Before you become dead on the flat-line due to stress. Detach yourself from labels and ideas, and conditions and start the search within by silencing your mind and becoming one with yourself. Look with in.