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I love you, but to be honest it is lust that is on my mind, and energy that I feel with in me, it can’t be described so the word love is the only one I could find, it is quick, it is easy and it sounds just right, it is like the word, star, all the life, and light with in it, its a simple word that goes so far.

But all I can think about is pleasing you with such a passion, touch spots with you that like magic, can make amazing things happen, sweat dripping I can imagine, the expressions you make when I am giving you that good love, pure satisfaction.

I love you, but it’s not you, it is the idea of you, idea of your beauty standing by my side, the idea of your smile, and your presence that fills this empty void in my life, the idea of the steamy sex on a romantic night or the stimulating conversing after a long day of working the everyday life, it is the idea of you, that makes me want to love you.

Okay, maybe I don’t love you, maybe I don’t lust you, maybe I just want you, no ideas, no labels, no attachments to words, I can’t get my eyes of those curves, your beauty is a straight reflection of the earth, amazing and full of life, there is no money that can compete with your worth.
Yeah I just want you, all of you, every bit of you, every minute I think of you, I just want to be with you, yes I want to sleep with you and please you, like no one else could think to do. But the way I feel is so hard to describe, so it is the simple words like sex, lust, love, like that come to my mind, like earth, star, star, sun, life, there is way more to it’s simplicity, but it is the simplicity that makes it sound just right.