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Awaken Me

Awaken me, from the dephs of my weakness, and into reality a reality where peace exist,

Where stars align, to create a grand design, and allow a drifted mind, to admire such beauty in it.

Awaken me from the pain of the past, turn wounds into scars, piecing together a broken heart,

take me back, to the smiles and laughs. 

Awaken me because a deep sleep doesn’t help,  I am missing out on myself,

in search for fulfillment of the soul this goes way beyond wealth.

Awaken me from your idea of life, because I have my own thoughts and choice of what’s wrong or right,

As I meditate for love and light, I have a garden waiting for harvest,

but because it is my garden I must plant seeds that produce fruits, I know I will like. Awaken me from this chemical imbalance, where one day life is good and the next day life is a challenge,

So I seek balance, and guidance, in this loud chaotic world, I search for silence, it as if I am on this long search peace through the protest and riots in a generation filled with defiance,world leaders and tyrants.

Awaken me from all this nonsense, I would rather be on a deserted island. So I can speak to God any time or day, learn the ways of self change so I can apply it to this place, with hope that a better understanding can wipe, the hate and selfishness that blinds our race.