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Don’t sell color to the color blind

They say the sky is blue, but I say the sky is any color you want it to be, what if the person you were talking to is color blind? don’t limit someone else’s imagination, and vision, all because of the limits you were conditioned to believe.

This whole earth is your canvas you paint what you wish, as long as you have the brush, what ever beautiful image that is in your mind, that you have the power to make it exist.

Look beyond colors, shapes and size, find meaning in the simplicity, that faces the eye, Like black and white, find the silver line, and allow the meaning you give the facts, be what come to lie.

Don’t sell yourself short, buy your self high, what you bring to this earth as an individual is beyond any investment or monetary prize.
Who said the sky is when you look up, what if it is also side to side, if you think long and hard we are surrounded by sky, and the sky is surrounded by a black space and we as humans live inside.

We as humans live a life that thought can’t grasps, don’t base your life on what you have, because what you have can disappear fast, and the moment you are alone is when you will realize who you are and where your at. We all have a circumstance that gives us a past and we all have an opportunity to create a new path.

So don’t sell color to the color blind, let their mind be a canvas as the paint they will paint what they see, there is no difference between them, you or me, because color is only a label that we were conditioned to be, strip away the idea of color and we just have imagination in 3D. So what ever you imagine you truthfully have it, but don’t sell color to the color blind who believe in what they imagine.