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A Gate Called Beautiful

At a gate called beautiful I see your obstacles but I know your love,
I see you struggling with your pain but I know strength will come,
At a gate called beautiful this message is for a soul called beautiful, even a dark night is temporary for it must give way to the sun.

Look at a seed that is planted in the dirt only to breakthrough it’s darkness to bear a rose, or a caterpillar breakthrough the darkness of a cocoon allowing the transformation of a beautiful butterfly to become known,
It is at a gate called beautiful where amazing miracles happen to grow, as long as you have faith and hold on with hope, understanding that while you battle what you battle at this gate called beautiful, you are never alone,
Your trials and tribulations mold the kind of testimony of victory that can inspire a globe. At this gate called beautiful there is no obstacle that can blemish your soul, only opportunities to teach you, that you are in complete control, and how God and your family love you no matter what, you are perfect in his mold and special in your home.

You are a winner, you are amazing, you are special, you are unique and beautiful. You are not your obstacles, you are not your condition, you are not your weakness, nor your fears, At this gate called beautiful you are a ray of light that will conquer darkness to see a new year.

At this Gate called beautiful, allow your smile to shine like the sun, recognize what’s in your heart which is unconditional love, that you are an individual of amazing talent, don’t sell your short on what you can become, but be the vessel of change that will break through what was, into a world that defies limits, labels and conditions to help those, who are wear the shoes where you were once, you are backed by supporters, your fight is our fight, and at this gate called beautiful we will be victorious as one.