A Gate Called Beautiful

I wrote this poem for anyone who is battling cancer, a survivor or if you are going through it now, I wrote it for those going through life with a disability. This is a message of peace, hope and love. We all have situations at a gate called beautiful, and it is at that te where hope is restored and love shines bright. Please share it, spread it, my goal is to get this message to every patient or survivor all over this world. we are one!

Manifesting Peace

At a gate called beautiful I see your obstacles but I know your love,
I see you struggling with your pain but I know strength will come,
At a gate called beautiful this message is for a soul called beautiful, even a dark night is temporary for it must give way to the sun.

Look at a seed that is planted in the dirt only to breakthrough it’s darkness to bear a rose, or a caterpillar breakthrough the darkness of a cocoon allowing the transformation of a beautiful butterfly to become known,
It is at a gate called beautiful where amazing miracles happen to grow, as long as you have faith and hold on with hope, understanding that while you battle what you battle at this gate called beautiful, you are never alone,
Your trials and tribulations mold the kind of testimony of victory that can inspire a globe. At…

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