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I am sad for humanity (My cry for PEACE)

We are all born with a name. We were born clueless to how our society is, clueless to the labels and conditions that seem to separate, break and tear each other human apart. We were born unaware that money is the way of life, oppose to the very happiness and presence we were born with. We were born to love and filled with the love grows, and unaware of the hate that destroys. We were born created by our mother and father, and that was closest we ever came face to face to our very own God. Yet we were unaware of the religions and the differences we have with other religions and beliefs. The dividing mentally and the what is wrong and what is right, and where you will go if you do good and where you will go if you do bad. We were born as ourselves and accepted by a community, of family and our families friends, and even strangers. They loved and adored you because you were innocent, pure, and full of life, love and peace.
What happened? Where did that love go? Where did that unconditional acceptance, love, compassion, and awareness go?
As we get older, we witness world events on the news, we see the chaos that religion create, we see the divide because of differences and hate. We see mass shootings of complete strangers killing others, all because of what they believe is right or wrong. Ironically that complete stranger was born the same way you and I. So what happened? Why does such a drastic change happen from the time we were born where our smile is as innocent as a buttlerfly that roams? What happened that caused pain to replace the purity we were born with? I am left with so much questions, after the tragedy that took place in Orlando. A mass shooting where at least 50 people were left dead and 40 people injured. I am sad. I am sad, for those who have lost their children or parents in what took place. I am sad for my friends who knew people that lost their lives. I am for who are gay ( ironically which is defined as happy) who are targeted and were targeted because of someone’s belief. I feel sad for the people just being themselves. Living a lifestyle that was true to them, they go to place where they can be HAPPY amongst other people and enjoy themselves with others who enjoy themselves. I am sad. Because what makes them happy, is the same thing that makes others anger turn to hate, and feel like killing is validation. I am sad. Because they like you and I are no different from you and I. They like you and I were born with just a name and love that was pure, and an acceptance that was unconditional. I am sad. Because it happens all over the world with various hate beliefs that cause it. Various people unhappy with how they were brought up, or condition to believe their way is right, are going out and killing people who believe in what they believe in. When we were in the womb all we were to believe I can imagine was to make it out. When we were born all we were to believe is the very love we were born with. People thought we were adorable, made silly faces and sounds only to make us smile. We believed in a life that was nice. And as we got older we learned to believe in what we believe in. I am sad for that. I am sad because ultimately believing what we believe in whether it is religion, same sex, love, politics, thoughts, lifestyles can lead to tragedy because someone else opposes it. I am sad because the very peace I was born with is the very peace I want to see, but all there is is chaos, corruption and obstacles that don’t that very peace to manifest. I am sad for it. I am sad that people still have to go through their everyday life being who they are but hated because they are being who they are. Now 50 falling beautiful souls will never get to live our their purpose, they have been taken away from their family and friends. I am sad for the world. I hurt for the world and it makes me upset that we live in so much beauty that this world has to offer, yet we as humans create chaos within. I am sad. My prayers go out to Orlando, to the family. Prayers also go out to the world. May God heal us, and may that healing start with the very most important place and that is within. For those of us who are here and get to see another day, be the best version of yourself. Don’t let this define and confine you, break out, be radiant, love unconditionally, make the most of who you are and be happy with who you are. Becoming scared is what validates these sick people’s twisted thoughts, we must overcome it, rise above it and continue to be happy, and loving, and come together and work towards a better place. 1 person from time to time can attempt to destroy it, but many people can come together to rebuild it and make it stronger. We are one. Just as we were born. Connected to all of source. What happened is we lost our way, forgetting that the world never changed, it was our thoughts, beliefs and ideas, labels and conditions that did. – ManifestingPeace