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Still it grows

Deeply rooted is a seed, trapped beneath the earth, surrounded by walls making it hard to breathe. But it still grows.

Just needs a little bit of space, so when the sun shines, and it when it rains, there is enough nourishment, that allow the sprouts to show.

Those walls are hard and everything is feels so closed.

But it still grows.

Trapped and entangled by the webs of weeds, that strong little seed, is the mother of the stems that bobs and weaves, it’s way through the darkness, with intentions to be seen. Though with tight room, it still grows.

Roots remain strong, as the seed continues to breathe, it’s survived darkness, weeds, floods, and enemies, the stem’s strength is a product of the roots and the seed, so as the soil softens it starts to break through, embracing the sun’s radiant energy.

Its spouts green leaves and continues to allow it’s beauty to be seen,

battle scars are the thorns it grows, to protect itself from new enemies.

Defying the odds was this tiny little seed, as it blossoms beautiful red petals,

It becomes known as the rose that grew through the concrete.