Love by the Wayside

This is so beautifully and passionately written by such a divine soul

Will you always look into my eyes and love me where the river runs deep and words fall to the wayside? Will I be the one your beautiful heart longs for into aching eternity, or will the sacred waters of our love run dry and become antiquated? You are the embodied form of forgotten fears that long ago were buried deep within the depths of oblivion’s fatal grasp.

Do you love me?

Can you see me?

Nobody sees me. I never let them anymore.

I long to surrender my form into the safety of your arms, my fortress, my king.

I’ve never known true love, only fleeting moments of lustful passion that left me disembodied, lonely.

I sold out for careless beasts who devoured my soul and smiled as I watched in horror.

I did it willfully because I saw no worth in me.

You opened my eyes and the…

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