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Love by the Wayside

This is so beautifully and passionately written by such a divine soul

Will you always look into my eyes and love me where the river runs deep and words fall to the wayside? Will I be the one your beautiful heart longs for into aching eternity, or will the sacred waters of our love run dry and become antiquated? You are the embodied form of forgotten fears that long ago were buried deep within the depths of oblivion’s fatal grasp.

Do you love me?

Can you see me?

Nobody sees me. I never let them anymore.

I long to surrender my form into the safety of your arms, my fortress, my king.

I’ve never known true love, only fleeting moments of lustful passion that left me disembodied, lonely.

I sold out for careless beasts who devoured my soul and smiled as I watched in horror.

I did it willfully because I saw no worth in me.

You opened my eyes and the…

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Still it grows

Deeply rooted is a seed, trapped beneath the earth, surrounded by walls making it hard to breathe. But it still grows.

Just needs a little bit of space, so when the sun shines, and it when it rains, there is enough nourishment, that allow the sprouts to show.

Those walls are hard and everything is feels so closed.

But it still grows.

Trapped and entangled by the webs of weeds, that strong little seed, is the mother of the stems that bobs and weaves, it’s way through the darkness, with intentions to be seen. Though with tight room, it still grows.

Roots remain strong, as the seed continues to breathe, it’s survived darkness, weeds, floods, and enemies, the stem’s strength is a product of the roots and the seed, so as the soil softens it starts to break through, embracing the sun’s radiant energy.

Its spouts green leaves and continues to allow it’s beauty to be seen,

battle scars are the thorns it grows, to protect itself from new enemies.

Defying the odds was this tiny little seed, as it blossoms beautiful red petals,

It becomes known as the rose that grew through the concrete.

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I am sad for humanity (My cry for PEACE)

We are all born with a name. We were born clueless to how our society is, clueless to the labels and conditions that seem to separate, break and tear each other human apart. We were born unaware that money is the way of life, oppose to the very happiness and presence we were born with. We were born to love and filled with the love grows, and unaware of the hate that destroys. We were born created by our mother and father, and that was closest we ever came face to face to our very own God. Yet we were unaware of the religions and the differences we have with other religions and beliefs. The dividing mentally and the what is wrong and what is right, and where you will go if you do good and where you will go if you do bad. We were born as ourselves and accepted by a community, of family and our families friends, and even strangers. They loved and adored you because you were innocent, pure, and full of life, love and peace.
What happened? Where did that love go? Where did that unconditional acceptance, love, compassion, and awareness go?
As we get older, we witness world events on the news, we see the chaos that religion create, we see the divide because of differences and hate. We see mass shootings of complete strangers killing others, all because of what they believe is right or wrong. Ironically that complete stranger was born the same way you and I. So what happened? Why does such a drastic change happen from the time we were born where our smile is as innocent as a buttlerfly that roams? What happened that caused pain to replace the purity we were born with? I am left with so much questions, after the tragedy that took place in Orlando. A mass shooting where at least 50 people were left dead and 40 people injured. I am sad. I am sad, for those who have lost their children or parents in what took place. I am sad for my friends who knew people that lost their lives. I am for who are gay ( ironically which is defined as happy) who are targeted and were targeted because of someone’s belief. I feel sad for the people just being themselves. Living a lifestyle that was true to them, they go to place where they can be HAPPY amongst other people and enjoy themselves with others who enjoy themselves. I am sad. Because what makes them happy, is the same thing that makes others anger turn to hate, and feel like killing is validation. I am sad. Because they like you and I are no different from you and I. They like you and I were born with just a name and love that was pure, and an acceptance that was unconditional. I am sad. Because it happens all over the world with various hate beliefs that cause it. Various people unhappy with how they were brought up, or condition to believe their way is right, are going out and killing people who believe in what they believe in. When we were in the womb all we were to believe I can imagine was to make it out. When we were born all we were to believe is the very love we were born with. People thought we were adorable, made silly faces and sounds only to make us smile. We believed in a life that was nice. And as we got older we learned to believe in what we believe in. I am sad for that. I am sad because ultimately believing what we believe in whether it is religion, same sex, love, politics, thoughts, lifestyles can lead to tragedy because someone else opposes it. I am sad because the very peace I was born with is the very peace I want to see, but all there is is chaos, corruption and obstacles that don’t that very peace to manifest. I am sad for it. I am sad that people still have to go through their everyday life being who they are but hated because they are being who they are. Now 50 falling beautiful souls will never get to live our their purpose, they have been taken away from their family and friends. I am sad for the world. I hurt for the world and it makes me upset that we live in so much beauty that this world has to offer, yet we as humans create chaos within. I am sad. My prayers go out to Orlando, to the family. Prayers also go out to the world. May God heal us, and may that healing start with the very most important place and that is within. For those of us who are here and get to see another day, be the best version of yourself. Don’t let this define and confine you, break out, be radiant, love unconditionally, make the most of who you are and be happy with who you are. Becoming scared is what validates these sick people’s twisted thoughts, we must overcome it, rise above it and continue to be happy, and loving, and come together and work towards a better place. 1 person from time to time can attempt to destroy it, but many people can come together to rebuild it and make it stronger. We are one. Just as we were born. Connected to all of source. What happened is we lost our way, forgetting that the world never changed, it was our thoughts, beliefs and ideas, labels and conditions that did. – ManifestingPeace

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Single Mothers Deserve Better

First and foremost, I have the utmost respect for mothers. The fact that a woman can endure so much pain for 9 months, and complete lifestyle change is beyond me. In a world where today’s look means everything, where people are so focused on being slim and trim and the next model or beach manikin. A pregnant mother to be is carrying life. I repeat carrying life. For all those dad’s who complain about carrying their child A mother carries her baby everyday for 9 consecutive month. Imagine that. I hear it all the time how women have such a perfect body and then get pregnant and their whole body changes. That alone, should make us appreciate the make up of a woman’s character, who is subject to stares of all kinds, walking by women with perfect bodies like they once were blessed with. Watching how active other women are, while they are developing life. I love seeing a pregnant woman who is secure with herself and adds style to her everyday life. So can us as men just appreciate the process of a mother? Can we respect their sacrifice to their body and eventually their life? Can we look past the hormonal stages ? and be there for support? Can we stop building ourselves up as tough when women carry life for 9 months and then endure the toughest procedure which is to give birth? I don’t have kids, but I love women, and if I can going to commit my time to one, I must unselfishly put myself in their shoes, to understand them or at least attempt to.

Now imagine all of which I just stated now apply it to a single mom. Whether from a man that just did the quick fling and knocked a woman up , or the loser that fears parenthood, or the boy that is not ready for commitment, the abusive monster, or maybe even a soldier’s partner or a widow. Single mom’s come from all walks of life and have stories you couldn’t even imagine. They range from 13 years of sadly to even in their 50’s. I notice in today’s world, more parent’s are single, especially single mothers. Men either look at single mother’s as tools, for a quick night of fun to being desperate creatures in search for love, to hands off material because they come with baggage. Which is upsetting. I have noticed that most of these dating websites are filled with more and more single mothers. More men see these women as pieces of meat and it makes me so upset because there is beauty beyond their blemishes. It is ultimately these men’s lost and a very fortunate persons gain. Kudos though to the men who look past their wounds, scars, and so called baggage. One man’s baggage is another man’s blessing.

I look a hard working, responsible single mother as a blessing. As men we must appreciate them for who they are first. See beyond them being a mother. Look at lady, at her core. She is a grand daughter, a daughter and a mother. She sacrifices her time, her life, in providing for her kids. Most single moms put their career on hold to raise their children, some even struggle to make ends meet so they are working day and night just so food can be put on the table, a favorite toy can be put in the toy box or a favorite outfit hung up on a closet. If you look at a single mom and she is with her child, most likely what the child is wearing is from her last dollar at times. We fail to realize how hard these women work. We fail to appreciate their sacrifice, we fail to respect them as women. We fail understand that she is not a woman with baggage but she is a mother with a family that deserves to be complete, that deserves to be accepted, that deserves to be wanted that deserves more than a simple judgment. It is not easy being a single mom. We don’t understand how many night’s some spend crying just because their burden at times is so heavy, their balance is non existent and the one thing that people without kids take for granted they wish dearly to have sometimes and that is to have a day or 2 of peace of mind. At the end of it all, all the struggles, pain, tears, restless nights, and lack of self time, most single moms will tell you, they would do it all over again. That says a lot about the character of woman, especially a single mom.

Men, I think it is time to look past the stigmas created by today’s society. Look beyond what others call baggage. A child is a blessing, and as is being with a single mother, is more than playing the role of a dad. It is being a man and helping the woman you want to be with, be mom, helping her become a complete woman again, and taking that burden of mom and dad off her shoulders. I think it is time we start showing love and appreciating their efforts as they let go of their past as they involve, and start trust you with something as sacred as being a part of their kids life. You have the choice to be in their life they are not forcing you. If you are going to be with a single mother you must be open to accepting them for who they are and what they bring with them. You never know your purpose or reasoning they are put in your life. Maybe being a man in her child’s life is exactly what that child needs. But to shut them down because they have kids is not right. You are missing out on the blessing. I also feel just like any women they deserve to be treated like queens. Just because they have a incomplete family with someone less fortunate, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be completed.

Women are more than tools they are beautiful souls with loving nature, but we must be understanding of them, and respectful and mindful. Whether they have kids or not, married or not. But just because she has kids doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be wanted. It takes a secure and selfless man to understand the beauty of a single mom.

But that is just my perspective.


A Gate Called Beautiful

I wrote this poem for anyone who is battling cancer, a survivor or if you are going through it now, I wrote it for those going through life with a disability. This is a message of peace, hope and love. We all have situations at a gate called beautiful, and it is at that te where hope is restored and love shines bright. Please share it, spread it, my goal is to get this message to every patient or survivor all over this world. we are one!

Manifesting Peace

At a gate called beautiful I see your obstacles but I know your love,
I see you struggling with your pain but I know strength will come,
At a gate called beautiful this message is for a soul called beautiful, even a dark night is temporary for it must give way to the sun.

Look at a seed that is planted in the dirt only to breakthrough it’s darkness to bear a rose, or a caterpillar breakthrough the darkness of a cocoon allowing the transformation of a beautiful butterfly to become known,
It is at a gate called beautiful where amazing miracles happen to grow, as long as you have faith and hold on with hope, understanding that while you battle what you battle at this gate called beautiful, you are never alone,
Your trials and tribulations mold the kind of testimony of victory that can inspire a globe. At…

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A Gate Called Beautiful

At a gate called beautiful I see your obstacles but I know your love,
I see you struggling with your pain but I know strength will come,
At a gate called beautiful this message is for a soul called beautiful, even a dark night is temporary for it must give way to the sun.

Look at a seed that is planted in the dirt only to breakthrough it’s darkness to bear a rose, or a caterpillar breakthrough the darkness of a cocoon allowing the transformation of a beautiful butterfly to become known,
It is at a gate called beautiful where amazing miracles happen to grow, as long as you have faith and hold on with hope, understanding that while you battle what you battle at this gate called beautiful, you are never alone,
Your trials and tribulations mold the kind of testimony of victory that can inspire a globe. At this gate called beautiful there is no obstacle that can blemish your soul, only opportunities to teach you, that you are in complete control, and how God and your family love you no matter what, you are perfect in his mold and special in your home.

You are a winner, you are amazing, you are special, you are unique and beautiful. You are not your obstacles, you are not your condition, you are not your weakness, nor your fears, At this gate called beautiful you are a ray of light that will conquer darkness to see a new year.

At this Gate called beautiful, allow your smile to shine like the sun, recognize what’s in your heart which is unconditional love, that you are an individual of amazing talent, don’t sell your short on what you can become, but be the vessel of change that will break through what was, into a world that defies limits, labels and conditions to help those, who are wear the shoes where you were once, you are backed by supporters, your fight is our fight, and at this gate called beautiful we will be victorious as one.

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Don’t sell color to the color blind

They say the sky is blue, but I say the sky is any color you want it to be, what if the person you were talking to is color blind? don’t limit someone else’s imagination, and vision, all because of the limits you were conditioned to believe.

This whole earth is your canvas you paint what you wish, as long as you have the brush, what ever beautiful image that is in your mind, that you have the power to make it exist.

Look beyond colors, shapes and size, find meaning in the simplicity, that faces the eye, Like black and white, find the silver line, and allow the meaning you give the facts, be what come to lie.

Don’t sell yourself short, buy your self high, what you bring to this earth as an individual is beyond any investment or monetary prize.
Who said the sky is when you look up, what if it is also side to side, if you think long and hard we are surrounded by sky, and the sky is surrounded by a black space and we as humans live inside.

We as humans live a life that thought can’t grasps, don’t base your life on what you have, because what you have can disappear fast, and the moment you are alone is when you will realize who you are and where your at. We all have a circumstance that gives us a past and we all have an opportunity to create a new path.

So don’t sell color to the color blind, let their mind be a canvas as the paint they will paint what they see, there is no difference between them, you or me, because color is only a label that we were conditioned to be, strip away the idea of color and we just have imagination in 3D. So what ever you imagine you truthfully have it, but don’t sell color to the color blind who believe in what they imagine.

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Awaken Me

Awaken me, from the dephs of my weakness, and into reality a reality where peace exist,

Where stars align, to create a grand design, and allow a drifted mind, to admire such beauty in it.

Awaken me from the pain of the past, turn wounds into scars, piecing together a broken heart,

take me back, to the smiles and laughs. 

Awaken me because a deep sleep doesn’t help,  I am missing out on myself,

in search for fulfillment of the soul this goes way beyond wealth.

Awaken me from your idea of life, because I have my own thoughts and choice of what’s wrong or right,

As I meditate for love and light, I have a garden waiting for harvest,

but because it is my garden I must plant seeds that produce fruits, I know I will like. Awaken me from this chemical imbalance, where one day life is good and the next day life is a challenge,

So I seek balance, and guidance, in this loud chaotic world, I search for silence, it as if I am on this long search peace through the protest and riots in a generation filled with defiance,world leaders and tyrants.

Awaken me from all this nonsense, I would rather be on a deserted island. So I can speak to God any time or day, learn the ways of self change so I can apply it to this place, with hope that a better understanding can wipe, the hate and selfishness that blinds our race.


The stranger dancing

the way she moves, so in tune with music, aligned with the stars, her constellations amusing, she is so ahead of rythm, the music would need more tuning.
she is zoned in, one with moment, of course owns it, the way her hips move, it’s as if she is on some hypnotic potion, true passion is in her  movement, it’s like poetry in motion,
she’s like the diamond in the rough, that’s now shining in the open,
her beauty on full display, broken from the chains she’s freely roaming.
In her own world, and we’re the audience to her pole dance,  her presence releases dopamine, creating thoughts of sexual romance.
she’s brings a high to life that drugs can’t provide, a colorful soul black and white can’t hide, and when she performs she takes over like a storm,  and brings a sliver lining to my darkened mind, I dream for the day to make her mine, until then I just watch, as the hour glass that is her steals time.

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I love you, but to be honest it is lust that is on my mind, and energy that I feel with in me, it can’t be described so the word love is the only one I could find, it is quick, it is easy and it sounds just right, it is like the word, star, all the life, and light with in it, its a simple word that goes so far.

But all I can think about is pleasing you with such a passion, touch spots with you that like magic, can make amazing things happen, sweat dripping I can imagine, the expressions you make when I am giving you that good love, pure satisfaction.

I love you, but it’s not you, it is the idea of you, idea of your beauty standing by my side, the idea of your smile, and your presence that fills this empty void in my life, the idea of the steamy sex on a romantic night or the stimulating conversing after a long day of working the everyday life, it is the idea of you, that makes me want to love you.

Okay, maybe I don’t love you, maybe I don’t lust you, maybe I just want you, no ideas, no labels, no attachments to words, I can’t get my eyes of those curves, your beauty is a straight reflection of the earth, amazing and full of life, there is no money that can compete with your worth.
Yeah I just want you, all of you, every bit of you, every minute I think of you, I just want to be with you, yes I want to sleep with you and please you, like no one else could think to do. But the way I feel is so hard to describe, so it is the simple words like sex, lust, love, like that come to my mind, like earth, star, star, sun, life, there is way more to it’s simplicity, but it is the simplicity that makes it sound just right.